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A cost-effective solution to a brighter, whiter smile with teeth whitening
Want to make a great first impression, celebrate a new ‘you’ or simply treat yourself to some pampering? Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of restoring the lustre to your smile.
Boost your confidence and show off the rejuvenated, natural-looking smile you deserve with teeth whitening at Trinity Dental. Using a custom-made tray and whitening gel at home, your teeth can be gradually gently whitened to revitalise your smile.
Key benefits of tooth whitening
  • Restore the appearance and colour of your teeth
  • Transform stained and ageing, dull smiles
  • Revitalise your self-image and boost your confidence
  • An effective and affordable option – from just £1 per day using our 12 month Interest Free Option
We offer 2 ways to whiten your teeth here at Trinity
Enlighten £1.90 per day (over 12 months interest free )
At Home whitening - £1 per day
Why whiten your teeth with us?
At our practice whitening your teeth is easy, seamless and comes with guaranteed results.
With a premium whitening system, a fully trained team and dentists at the ready to give you exactly the smile you want whitening your teeth has never been easier.
We have successfully whitened over 150 patients smiles to Enlightens guaranteed B1 shade or higher.
As your local Enlighten trained dentists, we are invested in offering you the very best of everything from the second you walk through our practice doors.
Why use the Enlighten whitening system?
Because Enlighten whitening was designed to give you control. We have tried several whitening systems before Enlighten and we have been with them ever since. Here are reasons you will love Enlighten too:
  • Guaranteed B1 shade (the most natural white shade on the vita guide).
  • No diet changes required so you can continue to eat your favourite foods to your hearts content.
  • And ever-lasting results.
How Enlighten works
There’s only a few steps to getting you your pearly whites, here’s how it goes:
  1. Book yourself in for an appointment.
  2. Have moulds taken for your whitening trays.
  3. Start using the Tooth Serum every time you brush to keep sensitivity at bay.
  4. Pick up your custom-made trays and your Enlighten kit.
  5. Begin your 2 week at-home treatment.
  6. Finish up with a 40 minute in-surgery boost and enjoy your forever white smile.
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